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Subject: The Illusion of Truth ( *Spoilers* )
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Spoilers for The Illusion of Truth

I am a little anal and compulsive when I tape Babylon5.  I
record it in SP and tehn edit out all the commericals and
previews, leaving just the story and credits.  I like to feel
that I just keep what is essential.  What is part of the

Next week's previews confuse me because they are presented
as within the framework of Babylon 5.  Not as the usual
narrative description from outside.  So when I edit the
tapes, do people think I should keep them, because they
were made as if a Babylon 5 organization were speaking;
or edit them out because they break the continuity of the
current storyline?  I know this is a trivial, stupid
question, but as I said, I get compulsive and anal about
having copies of B5 without commercials. What do folks
here think I should do? 



From: Harry McDow <hnmii at>
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Cheryl Haaker wrote:

Spoilers for IoT:

> Furthermore, with all the First Ones gone, there will be no Big Daddies
> around to cool things off once the required "natural selection" has
> taken place.

I was also pondering the comments Delenn made to John during that time. 
Suddenly the same thought you had occured to me.  If John didn't open
the "other door" (Kosh II) and bring about the end of the Shadow War,
then Delenn MUST have known that the War was over, "We Won", and
something more terrible than fighting or even losing the War was
going/will go on.  It sent shivers up my spine.  For her to beg John not
to go must mean that something is brewing that is REALLY bad, but
somehow I don't think it is the Shadow's minions, at least not all
alone.  It could be, but something in combination, maybe?  I don't know.

"Natural Selection"?  Yeah...  it sorta makes the Shadows' philisophy
about making a race strong via conflict sorta appealing right now. 

  - Harry


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Spoilers for The Illusion of Truth

"3 - In the Delenn/Sheridan interview, there is a 
    change in the vocal acoustics of the journalist
    for the "new" questions he asked.  "

And not just in the voice quality...look at the footage again.  He's
sitting in a different chair, in a different room.


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