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Subject: ATTN: JMS or GEORGE--Questions about ISN cameras
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It sure was nice to see the cameras in such a visible role...I don't
think I've seen its equal since, oh, the pilot. :)

Are the cameras capable of autonomous operation?  I do recall one ISN
staffer with a radio antenna-type thing, who seems to be pointing it
roughly in the direction he wanted the camera to go.  There were two
cameras, however, so I don't know just how powerful the wand is.

Was the camera's bumping into Lennier intentional, or a loss of
stability on the camera's part?  It sure looked like the camera's
motion was on purpose, and the lens -was- pointed at Lennier, if I
recall correctly.  If the reason for this was to piss Lennier off to
the point of taking it out on the equipment, then that would play
right into the hands of ISN.

I sure got a kick out of the camera getting trapped in the elevator.
:)  I could almost imagine a puppdog-like whimpering from the poor


From: George Johnsen <ndeiprod at>
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The ISN cameras are not capable of autonomous operation, but they can be
progammed within a parameter set.  The wand is a control device to
change those parameters.  Thus, one operator, two cameras (or more!)

There was a distinct anti Minbar/Minbari sentiment among this particular
crew, as evidenced by the later parts of the show, and it isn't hard to
imagine that the bumping was at the behest of the wand wielder.  If
Lennier was simply annoyed, advantage ISN.  If he reacted violently,
advantage ISN. I'm sure that footage will be used on another ISN
propoganda broadcast.  (You can see it on Channel 134 of your cable)(Oh,
sorry, Channel 134 is not availbale in all sectors after curfew)

George Johnsen
CoProducer, B5

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