Could B5 go to a network?

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Subject: Could B5 go to a network?
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With all this talk about problems with finding space for syndication
could B5 join a network like WB??



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>With all this talk about problems with finding space for syndication
>could B5 join a network like WB??

Brad, you missed my post from a week or so ago where I reported an article
in the TV trade press.  The head of programming for the WB Network was
quoted as saying he was approached about broadcasting B5{note: JMS said it
was the sequel} and chose to develop a show called "Star Voyager Academy"

The suits are weenies.



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No, there's no chance.  The problem is that B5 is owned by a consortium,
with WB on one side, and the station group on the other.  When you see a
show hopping networks, it's often (for instance) a Universal show that
goes from ABC to CBS.  Universal still is the sole owner of the show, it's
just a question of which network shows it, and the network doesn't own it.

With PTEN, WB and the stations own the show, though the copyright for most
actual artifacts of the show belongs to WB.  WB Network wants to carve out
its own identity rather than taking leftovers from another, competing WB
division.  The regular networks won't take an off-syndication show.  The
idea of WB going to Paramount/UPN...well, that one's self-explanatory as a

It can't even go to TNT because of contractual elements between WB and the
stations.  So it's either this arrangement, or nothing.


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