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(1) Last night our site changed a majordomo server host.  During the change,
several B5JMS messages were lost.  I believe that only a few subscribers got
any of them.  So I'm going to resend them tonight.

(2) The decision whether to renew B5 for a fifth season is close.  This year
looks like the most difficult renewal decision.  This is the time for
everyone to bombard Warner Bros. and their local stations with polite
support letters.  Each and every letter counts; stations and networks are
legally bound to keep "real" letter on file and they use them come renewal
decisions time (email/fax aren't as good).

I'm attaching a message in this regard that I pulled off of the newsgroup.  The message includes names and
addresses of people at WB to mail to.  To find your local station info, look
at  Remember that without
B5, this list will have no purpose to exist...  Thank you in advance for
your efforts.

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From: Chuck Fullerton <nougat at>
Subject: News Service Report: Season 5 "Looks Doubtful"
Date: 24 Jan 1997 06:07:41 GMT

             OK folks, looks like it may be time to wage the mother of
all write-in campaigns.
             Quoting the Atlanta Journal/Constitution, Jan. 23, 1997,
from unnamed "news sources":

             "...while year 5 of the syndicated 'Babylon 5' looks
doubtful, TNT has ordered two 2-hour movies of the future-set drama,
which stars Bruce Boxleitner and Claudia Christian. 'The main story line
will finish,' says creator/executive producer J. Michael Straczynski."
             I don't know where they got that 'doubtful' quote from,
but this does not look good.(JMS?) We know what we have to do. Here are 
the addresses of the WB execs who *may* have the power to change this 
unfortunate situation:

             Mr. Dick Roebertson
             Domestic Television Distribution
             Warner Bros. Television
             Triangle Bldg, 4th Floor
             4000 Warner Boulevard
             Burbank, CA

             Mr. Robert Daly, Chairman
             Warner Bros Inc
             4000 Warner Boulevard
             Burbank, CA

             Try to remind them that renewing B5 makes good business
sense for Warners. Remind them that the show is delivered consistantly
on time and on budget. Remind them of the steadily increasing ratings
this season.
             But above all, PLEASE remember to be polite. Harsh language
will only get us into an even deeper mess. 
             If we act now, before it is too late, we can make this the
year of joy instead of the year of great sadness. Spread the word to
any friends you may have in other countries, particularly British fans. 
             May all the B5 gods be with us during the long twilight

             -Chuck Fullerton

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