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>Everyone said we couldn't do it.  Wouldn't do it.  It was impossible.
>Everyone was wrong.
>You *can* fight the system.  

First of all, congratualations. Permit me a paraphrase: "All you have to
do is say `Yes" one more time than they say `No'".

I was out of town, and only got to see "Intersections" on Friday, about 9
hours before Harlan made the announcement on Tom Synder. Sure felt like
sychronicity to me -- or maybe just another instance of your "standing
naked in front of 10,000 of my best friends"?

However, with your 3 hours of sleep a night, and your saying that we'll
never know all of what you've been through, and your recent comment here
that TNT may want to run Season 5 straight through, with no breaks --

-- I have to hope that this morning's Epistle is *not* synchronic --

It was from Paul's second letter to Timothy:  "I have fought the good
fight...I have kept the life is already being poured out as a


So be careful out there, okay? Don't let the cats nibble you to death. 
Aside from the personal distress it would cause all of us if something
happened to you, the Babylon Experiment is a failure, and you don't
*really* beat the system, unless you come out of this whole and healthy.
Otherwise it's too easy for the nay-sayers to sneer, "Oh, yeah, sure, you
can do quality SF on TV, on time and under budget, if you're willing to
give yourself a heart attack/put yourself in the hospital/whatever." 

Yes, I know it's your life, to spend as you choose, and you feel that
losing your own battles is more important than winning someone else's. 
But it's easy to get caught up in fighting the battle, and forget to
look for less costly ways to win.

And if I'm out of line to be saying these things, I most humbly ask your
forgiveness, but I really felt that the Emperor needed to be reminded to
check from time to time and be sure he's not running around wearing
nothing but a Keeper :-) 

J.M. ("Jamie") Egolf     jegolf at		B5 for 5 years, YES!
                  "All you have to do is say `Yes I can" 
                  one more time than they say `No you can't'"

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Date: 30 Jun 1997 00:57:44 -0400
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There are certainly moments when I feel like Sheridan in that small,
windowless room, that's for's been a hell of a battle of wills.


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