ATTN ANYONE: Crusade already picked up?

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Thu Jul 3 06:18:37 EDT 1997

From: Brent Schmidt <TVsBrent at MCS.COM>
Date: 2 Jul 1997 01:40:27 -0400
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As I was leafing through one of my 5 copies of the B5 TV Guide (just
kidding, I only bought two . . . so far), and noticed this little gem at
the end of the article:
  ". . . [Speaking about JMS] has just finished conceiving and outlining
a B5 sequel, tentatively titled Babylon 5: Crusade.  He envisions this
series, which has already been sold to a studio . . ."
  Not being Mr. Hollywood, I don't know what "already sold to a studio"
means.  Does it mean that somebody has decided they like it and will buy
episodes of it?  Or does it mean something more insubstantial?
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  Brent Schmidt                 TVsBrent at MCS.COM

From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 2 Jul 1997 04:09:45 -0400
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No, Crusade hasn't been sold yet, it's still in negotiations.


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