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By now you should have heard of the rumors that Claudia Christian (Ivanova)
had left the show.  Last night JMS posted a long message confirming the
rumors, which you should have received by now.

The following are Claudia's comments posted on the net, in regards to the
whole situation.  While this is not directly in the charter of B5JMS, I feel
it is only fair to hear her side of the story as well.

My suggestion to all of you is to read Joe's comments, hers, and everyone
else's on the net, and then judge for yourself.  Hollywood as you know as
replete with these kinds of things; the truth as always is somewhere it

Allow me to "abuse" my powers and say that personally I'm saddened to hear
of this.  Claudia played a great Ivanova, and I only hope that Joe can find
as good a replacement for the actress.  Other people in the past have tried
to go for greener pastures, not realizing the "greatness" they were in, but
only a handful succeeded really big.  Anyone remember "Tasha Yar" and "Ro

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Claudia Christian, has requested that the following be posted on her behalf.

Dear Folks,

	Here's my side of the story and I should know because I was there.

	On June 20th, I was called into the B-5 office to find out the fate
of the 5th season.  With three other cast members present we were told that
we could make the fifth season (yeah!).  We were then asked to give up the
residuals for that season (those are the things that pay the rent since
syndication isn't exactly lucrative).  Well, nonetheless I said okay-I even
volunteered to talk the rest of the cast into it.  I had expressed my
hesitation in extending my contract renewal because I wanted to get their
assurance that in the 5th season I could get at least 4 episodes off to do a
film.  That was the only thing I was asking for.  No raise--accepting a
paycut-- simply less episodes, period.  Ask yourself this: why would I have
done the TNT promos for the 5th season if I did not want to be involved?

	While I was in Europe (I was there for almost a month), I heard
about the gossip column in Variety.  It is a gossip column, nothing more.  I
have no idea who planted the gossip and frankly, I didn't think much of it
since Hollywood is based on gossip.  Because the producers and Joe were in
Europe, I assumed negotiations for the 5th season would continue when we all
returned.  I was told quite curtly that my request for time off had been
denied and that Ken Parks from Warner Bros.  had told my agent to tell me to
"Find another job, we'll replace her."  After four years of working for a
substantial paycut because I loved the show and the people involved, and
felt that I was portraying a character that people really cared about, this
hurt me immensely.  At that point, I was in shock but I still went to
Blackpool thinking that they would come around and give me the time I needed
off.  I knew Ivanova was in the first episodes.  I figured we could sit down
with my agent and come to a deal.  In Blackpool, I was told by JMS that he
would give me the episodes off but I could not get anything in writing.  I
trust him, however I know that he was not writing all of the episodes for
the fifth season so I really felt that I had to have something in writing.
I turns out my fears were justified because when my agent spoke to John
Copeland (producer) and mentioned Joe's offer to write me out of a few
episodes, Mr.  Copeland responded by saying "That's not possible.  If TNT
wants her in every episode then she has to do all 22.  That's the deal, take
it or leave it."

	At this point, I was told that I had until Monday to call Warner
Bros. to tell them I was on board.  Well Folks, an actor does not call a
studio.  Our union has rules.  The producers of B-5 never called my manager
or agent to tell them of this deadline.  Instead, I was told by Jeff
Conaway.  I called my agent and left word.  We missed each other.  On
Monday, I found out that on the previous Friday my agent had received a fax
stating that the offer for me to be in B-5 was withdrawn.  In essence, I was
fired.  This fax was received on Friday, so what kind of game was being
played by giving me false hopes throughout the weekend in England?  And by
the way, on Tuesday of that week, I was in London promoting the show and
doing magazine interviews and TV talk shows for them on my own time.  Why
would I do that if I did not believe something could be worked out.

	If they really wanted me back, they would have accepted my plea
through my agent to sit down and have a meeting.  He was told by John
Copeland that he was "a dollar short and a day late."  They simply did not
even want to sit down with me!

	Once again, I would do season 5...if I had less episodes.  I am hurt
and disappointed that I have not even received the opportunity to discuss my
needs.  I was dismissed coldly and simply.  I want you to know that I have
given my heart to the show and I love Ivanova as much as any of you.  I did
not "leave" the show.  I did not ask for more money.  I did not create this
mess.  Perhaps this is a great lack of communication.  I would like to think
that.  Thank you all for your love and support.  I would never abandon you.

Claudia Christian

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