My last word on CC (hopefully)

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denebeim at (Jay Denebeim) wrote:
>In article <33d79b60.0 at>, James Bell <JamesB at> wrote:
>> I think what would really put an end to this thread as well as the
>> related hostility would be if JMS posted that he has no hard
>> feelings against Claudia and that he would welcome her back to the
>> B5 universe if circumstances ever allowed it.  Also, if Claudia
>> would post a similar statement that she and JMS remain friends and
>> that she is open to return to the B5 universe at some point, that
>> too, would soothe some feelings.
>It certainly would be.  It can't happen while the hurt is continuing
>though.  The healing process can only begin once the trauma is over.
>So, people shuddup already :-) Yelling and screaming is only going to
>make matters worse, you'll end up backing people up against a wall and
>making them say things that they'll loose face to switch positions
>I personally would love to see CC working B5 again sometime in the
>future.  Exerting pressure now is the best way I can think of to
>ensure this *WON'T* happen.

     With respect, you guys are forgetting something. She WILL be back
in "Thirdspace". She will be *all over the place* in "Thirdspace". In 
fact, she said in a recent interview that she would be the "lead" in
"Thirdspace". (where this leaves BB I don't know.) So, at least there's 


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 25 Jul 1997 02:25:39 -0400
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I've already stated that we will keep the door open for the third TV movie
and the feature, should that happen.

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