ATTN JMS: Dinner w/Taylor?

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Thu Jul 31 06:15:26 EDT 1997

From: cmdrselek at (Jon M Donenberg)
Date: 29 Jul 1997 21:43:03 -0400
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<<Nope.  Never came up.  I asked Jeri Taylor about it over dinner at one
point, but it was never really an issue.  Any smart actor will have
contingency plans.  You have to.>>

What? Shmoozing with Voyager's Exec Producer? you devil, you! :-)


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 30 Jul 1997 19:26:05 -0400
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Jeri Taylor is a good and dear friend of many years, which is why you will
rarely if ever hear me saying anything of a negative nature about Voyager.
 She's also a terrific writer.

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