Lines of Communication ( *Spoilers* )

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Spoilers for Lines of Communication


I have two general things I want to comment on: the CGI and the story.

CGI:  I've noticed, from Racing Mars onward, that you are using new
establishing shots.  Case in point, in RM the two starfurys flying 'down'
from B5.  In LoC, the ship 'erupting' upward from the launch bay and
Ivanova's shuttle lauch.  I realize that some of these might be old, but I
haven't seen them alot.  You could have slapped some overused stock shot in
there and it wouldn't have mattered, but you took the extra step to do
something different and special.  Thanks.

Story:  You seem to have created stories out of fairly boring events.
 Traveling to Mars, getting power for the VoR, getting Garibaldi's link and
weapons, etc.  But you managed to make them interesting; even compelling.  I
get the feeling that you are moving the chess pieces just so.  And we all
know what happens then -- boom.  No, my mistake, BOOM!!  

I like that you broaden the B5 universe with these eps when any other series
would mention these type of events in passing just before the boom.


From: George Johnsen <ndeiprod at>
Date: 14 May 1997 19:01:23 -0400
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Quasi Necessary Spoiler Space 


We do the new establishers for a couple of reasons.  1- The establishers
do contribute to the emotional flow of the story, and the newer ones do
on a subtle but effective way. 2- We want to. Sometimes because it's a
cool shot, and sometimes it's because we don't have quite the right one,
so a new one magically appears.

BTW- Does this BOOM to which you refer require CG?  if so , I'll get the
team to wake up right away! :-) 

George Johnsen
CoProd, B5

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