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Date: 20 May 1997 17:55:29 -0400
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There have lately been a whole slew of people -- or, more likely, one
particular, and very disturbed individual, who has been posting messages
under my name on a variety of systems.  A half dozen or more on a Star
Wars web page located at; also at the
main TV Guide web page at  There have
been other recent incidents of this.  

Some of the messages are intent upon starting feuds with fans of other
shows; others, like the TV Guide message, are designed to hurt the fans of
this show by announcing the supposed cancelation of B5, which has not
happened.  This may even be the same person who sent me a trojan horse
program that wiped my hard drive and left a file that says Star Trek

Either way...let me be absolutely clear on this:

I am not adding any further message boards to the few I currently inhabit;
there ain't time in the world for them all.  If you see any message from
me on a system where I suddenly appear, check the email return address. 
In general I *ONLY* post from jmsatb5 at while on the web; the other
main email addresses are straczynski at and
71016.1644 at  If the address is other than that, or if the
message looks suspicious, let me know and I will confirm or deny if it is

These individuals are sick, pathetic twists who are out to harm me, and
the fans of this show.  They are also in violation of both civil and
criminal laws regulating the impersonation of another individual, which is
illegal on any venue, net or otherwise.  Every effort will be made to
locate and prosecute the person or persons involved on a variety of
charges, including fraud, misrepresentation, criminal impersonation,
libel, invasion of privacy, and malicious mischief.  Those involved should
know that many systems *do* keep track of logon IDs for purposes of
monitoring actual persons vs. hits, and one way or another we *will* find
you, and you *will* do jail time.  Count on it.

Meanwhile, to everyone else...if you see ANYthing under my name that looks
suspicious, on a strange system, check the email address first; it's
almost always a bogus address to keep me from finding out it's going on. 
Failing that test, just ask.  I'd rather be bothered by a false alarm than
have someone posting messages under my name for months, unchecked.

My apologies for taking up space on the forum to deal with this, but it
has become a serious problem, and people need to know how to tell real jms
messages from fake ones.


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