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	Allow me to use a bit of poetic license of a moment.  I'm going to skip
all of the other ages of JMS and start when B5 begins:

	The First Age of JMS:  Finally hammering out the groundwork for a new SF
TV series, and pitching it to various television networks around the land.
	The Second Age of JMS: Actually getting the series made, sparring with the
cancellation monster each season, hanging with the fans on the Internet,
and writing an incredible amount of episodes, as well as wearing more hats
than any sane person would want on their hat rack.

	And now we come to the interesting part.
	The Third Age of JMS:

	Babylon 5 will be finished, able to be put in a box for fans and critics
to analyze as a cohesive whole.  A B5 spin-off series looms in the future. 
The tail keeps threatening to wag the dog.  Other works, such as novels and
comics are on the desk and word processor.  JMS, after recalling one of his
own scripts; "The Deconstruction of Falling Stars", will wonder just how he
will be remembered.  And countless other things in the future which I have
either over-looked, don't know about, or am too tired to think of.

	JMS'  journey has just begun. I wonder if it will be as crazy as the other
two Ages of JMS...

Jeff Bauer
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>	JMS'  journey has just begun. I wonder if it will be as crazy as the
>two Ages of JMS...

I've never had a sane one yet.

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