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Thu Nov 27 06:20:04 EST 1997

From: "Laura M. Appelbaum" <l-appelbaum at>
Date: 26 Nov 1997 00:02:51 -0500
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Hi jms!  

Here I go, YET AGAIN, asking about when these $%*#&? models are going to
come out!  It had sounded like November was so definitive, and yet ....
Unfortunately, the Revell/Monogram site is useless in this regard, so I
figured I'd turn to you again for any word.  (We've suffered through six
straight miserable rainy weekends here in DC and building a model or
three is just the prescription!)

Also, different sources seem to have different word on whether or not
the Station model and the Minbari War Cruiser model are "a go" or not. 
Anything on that?


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 27 Nov 1997 00:16:32 -0700
Lines: 9

Yes, the models are a go, in fact I just recently approved the master mold for
the station, which is going to be huge.  

Should be out soon; we went back and forth a few times getting the texturing
right on the Starfury wings, but we finally got that worked out, and the things
look great.

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