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>Why does Harlan want these?  Is there some inaccuracy or other flaw, such
>that he wants to get them all out of circulation?  Is he planning some kind
>of major lawsuit?
>People who read and enjoy Mr. Ellison's work might consider a "Things to
>Come" circular featuring one of his classic (expose) scripts to be a 
>great thing to hang onto, and maybe even get autographed by The Master.
>	Why does he want to take them away from us?
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>>Harlan has asked me to ask y'all if you could do him a favor:
>>He is looking to get as many copies as he can of the Science Fiction Book
>> "Things to Come" booklet/circular for December listing his book "City on
>> Edge of Forever" and any flyers that went with it.
>>If you have these on hand still, if you could send it on to Harlan Ellison
>> Babylon 5, 14431 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 260, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423, it
>> would be *very* much appreciated.
>> jms

     I belong to SFBC.  I have the December 1997 booklet Harlan is looking for,
and his book is not mentioned in it anywhere.  Don't remember if it was in any
of the leaflets that went with it.  
     Where is that wav file of Lyta in the tunnels of Mars when I need it? 
"I'm gonna sue somebody!"  Could be?

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>Why does he want to take them away from us?

Nobody's taking anything from anyone; he asked for any copies that people had
which were probably going to be thrown out in any event, as most were.  That's
the extent of it.

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