Endgame ( *Spoilers* )

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Spoilers for Endgame

I hope you are feeling better.  Thank you for not being upset at MY being 
upset.  I know you're right and I know it IS very much in character - 
however I c/wish that it worked out like Frankin/Garibaldi . There are very 
few shows on TV with really interesting 3 dimensional characters like B5 and 
none quite like 'our friend' whom I REALLY  liked!   I don't think I can 
forgive you juuusssst yet, but I DO promise not to feed you to the Zarg I 
have in my basement!

B5 is the only show I watch faithfully and tape when I c/not be home to 
watch an episode - however -  I don't think at this time I can watch 
'Endgame' -  even if it leaves some holes for me in the next and/or last 
episode - maybe later.  Hopefully the holes won't be too deep for me to 
fathom.  (Or maybe I c/leave the room, peek through my fingers, or 
something)    'Our friend' was such a bright spot in B5's universe and seems 
to have become a symbol for a loss I can't do anything about in this 
universe.  Denial in B5's universe is easier than in this one.

 I adore trilogy's / epics and sagas - and this one IS truly marvelous - 
(even if I have a problem with this 1 point  - I really hope you can forgive 
my seeming (actual) obsession with this)  I'm also a liiiittttle 
apprehensive about seaon 5  - and hope it doesn't become 'dark' (not the 
right word ---  ie; Blade Runner - good story with a happy ending but venue 
was a real depressing place and NOT one I re-visit)  I'm trusting you here! 
 AND ( I'm being brave now) I've decided NOT to read any more spoilers (if I 
can help it ) although if I hadn't read this one I w/have been really, 
really, REALLY upset (and probably would have tried to feed you to the 
Zarg!) - at least I can brace myself!

1)  Was this always a part of the story arc - incl the how?

2)  What IS this character's background - part of the appeal seems to be the 
mystery - no definite info - a novel w/be nice she mused - she did read one 
 - but it didn't really capture the characters spirit & was really only 1 sm 
part of the life.

3)   If a B5 anthology became a reality would we see ALL the characters back 
incl my personal fave?

5)  a)   Is there a chance that this story w/become a set of novels?

      b)    and after  - would you write any more stories re: the B5 
I'd like to know more about Minbar, Centauri, Narn, PSI Corp,  the Rangers 
and there's always the FIRST 1000 year war!   I think I 've decided to keep 
you busy for the next millenia or possibly 2 - pushy of me I know - but it 
IS your fault.   Your story is truly wonderful.  You've created some 
fascinating worlds, people and events.

Sorry - I seem to have run amuck here - if I c/wish for anything it might be 
a long talk with you for a day or so - using voices, easier on the wrists! 
  Thank you again for your time and patience  - even with my 'little 
problem',  I am and always will be, a great admirer of your work (and 
stamina). I believe you have created a  'classic'  that will be enjoyed over 
and over again by many people  for a long time to come. (Including me - I 
WILL eventually forgive you!)
 I wish you well, Donna

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Date: 3 Oct 1997 17:53:08 -0400
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I can suggest for now that you hold off these questions until after the episode
 airs, so I can discuss them more openly.

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