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From: Tobias Wolf <wolf at>
Date: 15 Oct 1997 21:42:05 -0400
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Dear JMS,

This is my first message to you, so I would like to tell you how  much
I  appreciate  your work, Babylon 5. Keep up the good work in the last
B5 season and in any future projects of yours!

But now to my question: I have just begun to collect the UK Babylon  5
videos.  Season  1  and  2  are  now  complete,  and season 3 is being
released one tape per month since July. However, since WB has  dropped
the  series,  will  they nonetheless continue to release the UK videos
for the 4th season?

If not, who will then be responsible for the  4th  season  release?  I
presume that TNT will be responsible for the 5th season videos and the
movie tapes, do you know about their plans  regarding  5th  season  UK

Regards, Tobias Wolf

From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
Date: 16 Oct 1997 14:15:11 -0400
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>However, since WB has  dropped
>the  series,  will  they nonetheless continue to release the UK videos
>for the 4th season?

No, WB hasn't dropped the series; it's just airing in the US on TNT, that
 doesn't affect international distribution or video sales.  It'll be the same
 as always.

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