Rising Star ( *Spoilers* )

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Spoilers for Rising Star

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Apologies if this duplicates a post you've already seen, but it's never
shown up at my end!   I posted it 10-18-97 3:17am....


I *know* I've got Swiss cheese for brains most of the time, but I could
have sworn that Sheridan's name was John David.  [This was most irritating
to me that both my man Sinclair and Sheridan would have the same initials,
to say nothing of the same middle name.]

Now the new Earth President introduces Sheridan as "John J. Sheridan"?

Is my memory that bad or was there a slipup somewhere?

Nice episode BTW.  I won't join in the "he had to rush everything"
camp...although I' sorely tempted.  How much nicer it would have been to
*see* the events rather than hear about them  a la ISN narration.  Oh well.

Bring on Season Five!  The preview for 422/501 looks, gee, like it's gonna
be a long winter!

And thanks for the MG eye-candy,

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No, Sinclair's middle name was David, not Sheridan.

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