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Howdy from the UK.

Just finished watching the new episode "Illusion of Truth".

Of course, it's up to your usual standard. ie Excellent

One question though - The Drazi god seems to bear an awfully strong
resemblance to the Chief of the Vogon Constuctor Fleet in "The
Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy"; (in my younger days, the ONLY
programme I actually stayed in for, before running down to my local
boozer for a few pints).

Could you please place my mind at rest? Thank you.

I would just like to say that I have always been immensely impressed
with your "devotion", if that is the right word, to your fans.
I can think of no other person in TV or film (to my recollection), who
spends so much precious time discussing and fleshing out the Universe
that he has created. 
On second thoughts, perhaps I can.That would be Patrick McGoohan in
"The Prisoner". Can you imagine him though (no disrespect) even at
this late stage in the game, breaking down each episode or query to
satisfy his fans. I think not, although in that situation, I can
understand why.

Sorry to go on. All the best for the future.

Gary Wilson.

BTW, just seen Claudia Christian in FHM magazine. Oh Lordy. Beneath
that uniform and hard exterior !!!!!!

The man who said "Money can't buy happiness",
obviously had no idea where to go shopping.

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>The Drazi god seems to bear an awfully strong
>resemblance to the Chief of the Vogon Constuctor Fleet in "The
>Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy"

It was built up around a buddhist statue, as I recall.

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