WOW!! Unexpected jms TV Cameo in _Jenny_!!!!

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Yes, you read right.  Tonight I was rather surprised myself.

(jms has refused to appear in a _Babylon 5_ cameo and has repeatedly
 stated that he feels uncomfortable with the idea of appearing on teevee.)

So, here's what happened.  I get back home last night from a belt testing
and was doing some channel surfing to try to wind down.  I caught the
ending of DSN and then, a couple of channels down, I find _Jenny_ playing
on my screen.  I'm about to switch (hey, I have nothing against Jenny
McCarthy, I think she is a fine looking, driven lass in spite of her
mammal prosthesis, but she does absolutely nothing for me inside a cathode
ray tube) when the camera pans to this character Jenny is talking with,
who looks mighty familiar indeed.  Sure, there was a bit more silver hair
around those temples than last I remember, but the face and the intent
look in his eyes are unmistakeable.

My jaw has just hit the carpet at this point and I'm squinting hard.
Nah... jms *doesn't* do teevee.  It couldn't be.  While I'm going through
this in my mind, the scene plays itself out in my teevee:

jms (or look alike): <tightly holding a manila envelope to his chest>

		     "No, you dammed well cannot have it.  It is my story,
		      and I'm sticking to it."

Jenny: <turning to audience with open arms in a no-can-win shrug and
        makin a "Hel-loh!" face>

		     "Well, duh!"

<canned laughter>

And that was the end of the scene.

Needless to say, I was hooked for the remainder of the show -all three
minutes left.  I wasn't really paying attention to the dialogue since I
kept waiting for jms to reappear -which he didn't.  But then I sat through
the credits.  And sure enough...

	"J. Michael Straczynski as himself, courtesy of Babylonian
	 Productions Inc."

I don't even know the episode title, since I tuned in near the end. 
Unfortunately, I was too surprised to think of taping it until it was
over.  But I would really like to watch the whole episode so if anybody
out there has it on tape, *please* feel free email me.

I wish Joe had let us now he was doing this in advance.  I don't even know
what I missed, but the part I caught was pretty funny.  Oh well.



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