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In regards to Harlan Ellison's "City of the Edge of Forever" JMS wrote:

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>Could you send me a copy of that issue?  The info about Gene rewriting
him is totally >incorrect.
>Send it to me if you can at 14431 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 260, Sherman
Oaks, CA >91423, I would be vastly appreciative, so I can get it to
Harlan, who can correct their >information.

After all this time, I'm surprised you haven't heard.  Not only did Gene
Roddenberry massively re-write Harlan Ellison's script, Harlan published
the original version of the script along with a detailed story of how it
was re-written by Gene.  I have Harlan's book sitting on my bookshelf
right now.


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Negative; the revisions to Harlan's script were apparently done by DC Fontana
and Gene L. Coon, not Roddenberry (see Harlan's book on this for more info).


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