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From: jrpatau at (Jurgen Patau)
Date: 11 Apr 1998 17:08:03 -0600
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Recently I've seen an increasing number of news articles
about how stations are starting to ramp up for HDTV, and
speculating how cable companies, networks and local
stations will be implementing the new bandwidth: the few,
high-definition programs versus the many low-def programs

>From *your* perspective in the entertainment industry,
how do you see this shaking out, and how is it affecting
*your* plans?  Is there anything you can tell us without
unduly <grin> violating confidences?  What impact will
it have on the movies, Crusader, and rebroadcasts of the
series?  What ferment is this issue having within the
whole entertainment *production* business, and what are
the consequences from your vantage point?

Lotta questions, happy for any revelations you can toss
my way...

Jurgen Patau
--Sliding down the razorblade of life...-- (Tom Lehrer)

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Date: 13 Apr 1998 16:51:52 -0600
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We have, from the beginning, been shooting in widescreen and doing a complex
audio mix and delivering conformed negatives for the purpose of working in the
HDTV mode.  We plan to do more in terms of digital delivery and 5-1 audio sound
for Crusade, among some other tricks we're planning.


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