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Every so often I have to go out with a policy note, so this is it.  If you've
seen this before, ignore it.  If not....

Understand that my private email is reserved for matters that cannot be
discussed pubicly, and extremely personal matters.  It is not to be used for
questions about plot, or character, or theme.  Otherwise I end up answering the
same question individually 50 times instead of answering it once publicly so 50
people can get the same information.  

Do NOT send me jokes, humorous forwarded notes, chain letters, spam or other
stuff.  You may think, "Well, it's just me sending along one little joke," but
bear in mind there are roughly 10.5 million "just me's" out there.  My email is
getting to be impossible to deal with.  Unless there is an overwhelmingly good
reason why a note should be sent via email instead of in a public forum...keep
it public.

Particularly difficult is if someone sends me multiple notes after I reply once
or twice, and if I don't respond to subsequent notes, gets annoyed at me.  I
reply if there is a reason to reply; if not, not.

Please understand that my private email is a privilege, and not to be flooded
with casual story requests or jokes.


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