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This may sound dumb, but I wanted to thank you for giving name to a problem
that occurs sometimes.  I always hate it when I'm tired beyond belief, yet my
mind won't slow down and shut up so I can sleep.  Late into the night--
especially in the wee hours-- I am sometimes stricken by irrational fears and
all my shortcomings and doubts; all the things I should've done, did do and
can't do; all the people I should contact, do contact and can't contact.  So
many thoughts race through my mind and it breaks down my self-esteem, my
conviction and my spirit.  Thus, when Ivanova described this exact same
conflict in "Hour of the Wolf" and named it as such, I breathed a sigh of
relief.  It isn't just me, we are all human and we go through this.  So, now,
instead of freaking out and making the problem worse, I just take a breath and
console myself, "It's okay, girl, it's just the Hour of the Wolf and he will
eventually leave."

This happened again last night, which is why I am reminded to write and tell
you "thanks" for giving me that little peace of mind.

And here it is...thanks!

Chow, bella!
Imaginary Girl

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You're welcome....


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