Sleeping in Light ( *Spoilers* )

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Spoilers for Sleeping in Light


I was deeply disappointed as well as confused to not observe Michael
O'Hare/Sinclair credited at the end of Sleeping in the Light. (Nor
mentioned when the 'gang' was toasting comrades not present.)

As far as I am concerned (OK, flame me) Sinclair's powerful,  morose,
complex, self doubting  character really got the show off to a
credible start in the first season. The speech  "IT WAS THE DAWN OF
THE THIRD AGE OF MANKIND..." at the opening credits of season # 1
always raised the short hairs at the back of my neck. 

This omission is even more disaappointing when I recall a FAQ that was
written by JMS a few years ago that stated (in so many words) that the
story of Babylon-5 was Sinclair's story.  Perhaps, a partial
explanation of the latter point is found in Zathrus' speech in WWE Pt.
2 in which Delenn, Sheridan and Sinclair are all stated to be
different stages of 'The One'. Would this be right as an explanation?

An explanation based upon any combination of royalties, fees,
licensing, or studio politics would suffice and would not lessen my
immense respect for the show, and probably would not do so for any
fan. Sinclair's role was pivotal to B5's early feel and hooked me on
the show.

This is all driving me nuts... 

Don Wallace

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We are bound by contract to use the credits as they were applied in S4, when
SiL was shot.  You can't just put people's credits in a show for sentimental
reasons...they trigger residuals, royalties, fees, and other contractual areas.


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