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:   Several people, not just the Rev, have posted  various degrees of
: disapointment over season 5 in general and SIL light in particular.  One
: poster, Joel, flatly said he felt "cheated."  the Rev reflects back on JMS's
: oft quoted promise that the only unanswered question at the end of the series
: will be "NOW what?"

: Well, for what its worth, here's what I think.

: You can only feel cheated if you are owed something.  JMS owes us nothing.  If
: I recall correctly, he said prior to the S5 that he was going to experiment
: with different styles of storytelling in the final season.  That resulted in A
: View From The Gallery (the episode singled out by Joel) among others.  That's
: JMS's right as a creator.  If he wanted to spend the whole of S5 on Byron,
: again, his creative choice.  Our choice is to watch or not watch, nothin more. 
: Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but I think this point is paramount.

To say "our choice is to watch or not watch, nothing more" is a ridiculous
untruth, whose only purpose is to attempt to silence the voicing of
criticism.  To declare that "our only choice is to watch or not watch,
nothing more" is "paramount" over the right to speak our opinion is a
horrific untruth.

Our choices are our own, free and clear, reasonable and unreasonable,
accurate and inaccurate, fair and unfair, right and wrong.  And that right
to our own opinion is "paramount" over all.  That right is absolute.  

To see such blatant attempts to declare criticism as inherently wrong and
not to be voiced is sad, and certainly not the sort of message that JMS
thought he was encouraging with the story of B5.  

It's something President Clark would love, though.  

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On a more serious reply (though no reply is actually needed, I story
this big can wrap up the stories of EVERYONE...and the point is that life goes
on, we dip in and we dip out of the story at various points, but it goes on of
its own volition...I posted this over on CIS earlier regarding the various

The Drak and Centari Prime?

      Vir is Emperor now.  Londo asked Sheridan to free his people; we can
assume he did this...but we will also be showing this in the Centauri Prime
trilogy of books in more detail.


      We saw Londo's fate in War Without End Part 2.


      The telepath crisis and events surrounding it will provide a lot of the
background to Crusade.

Bester and the Psi Corps?



      We saw his fate in WWE2 also.

Garibaldi and Bester?

      This will be covered in the Psi Corps trilogy, of which volume 1 is out 
now, and volume 2 is in my hands for editing.

B5's seemingly needless and useless destruction?

      Neither needless nor useless.  It was built cheapest of all the stations,
and it takes a lot of money to maintain it.  With trade routes now going around
it, there isn't enough income to support it.  So do you leave it  intact, for
others to occupy or raid for weapons systems and other systems too difficult to
yank out?  Or take it out, the same way we implode buildings 

Sheridan's son - we guess he survived the Drak and their intended keeper?

      This will also be covered in the Centauri Prime trilogy...but if you sit
back you can do some of the work to figure out a large part of this.  As Londo
states, his situation in WWE2 (Sheridan and Delenn captured on Centauri Prime)
takes place 18 years after the events in 2260, which would put it at 2278.  The
urn, given to Sheridan in 2262, is supposed to be given to the heir at the
occasion of his/her 16th birthday, by Centauri tradition.

      That would put the urn presentation at...ding!...2278.

      In 2278, Sheridan and Delenn have been drawn to Centauri Prime.  We know
their son is involved, because Delenn says "David is safe."  So they  were
somehow able to save him, because we know that in 2281, David is alive 
and well and serving in the Rangers (SiL).

      You can see the shape of the events there...once again the clues are more
or less in plain sight...but again, this will be drawn out in the books in more


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