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Usually, other people on the list send you the comments I would make, so I've
never been compelled before to drop you a line. However, I just had to tell
you that I loved "The Very Long Night..."  I laughed, I cried.

This episode seems to come full circle with what was begun in "The Coming of
Shadows", if my memory is correct.  Doesn't the then-Centauri-emperor send
Franklin to apologize to G'Kar for what the Centauri have done to the Narn?
And all the while Londo and Reefa are coordinating the attack on the Narn....
Cool stuff.

I think I need to watch both episodes again soon!  "TCoS" is my absolute
favorite to date.

Andreas and Peter are *so* classy.  Please send them my utmost admiration.

Thanks for listening, and for creating such a great experience for all of us.

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Date: 3 Feb 1998 09:53:30 -0700
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Thanks...we're slowly bringing Londo full-circle, and what an odd little voyage
it's been.  And so much sadness yet to come.


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