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recently I discovered the old ST:TOS #16 comic from DC (about 1990) with
the title "Worldsinger" and to my surprise the writer was jms. 
Not only it was a very good story by itself, the characters of Kirk & co.
were described absolut right and a lot of Star Trek fans I borrowed it to
read were stunned about that. Also interesting to note, that on the cover
was the note "Special Tale".
How did you get this work and would you have liked to do more of this ?
Thanks for the time answering my question and thanks for your good work.
There are more and more german B5 fans due to the reruns on Pro7 and a lot
of spoilers about season 4 and the movies keep the fans waiting for more.
(Hope my english is not so bad as it seems to me)


Karin und Martin´s Star Trek & Babylon 5 Homepage:

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I was always a fan of the original Trek, and really felt I had a handle on
those characters; always wanted to write for them.  So I managed to talk my way
into the gig.  It'sa favorite of mine, one of the better comics I did.  


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