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season five episodes, haven't you?

You said you'd never do a cameo, but we got'cha anyway, in the form of
G'Kar's Other Self.  (And yeah, I notice the writer credit timing too :))

The little remarks here and there, which seem to echo either your own or
others' comments here on USENET.

And you're still playing with us too....hoping we forget that "no one here
is exactly what he appears..."  Not G'Kar, not Londo, not Sheridan, not
Garibaldi, and now, not Lockley, or Lyta, or Byron!

I'm gonna be cursin' the basketball playoffs even more than usual this
year, but what a chance to rewatch the entire saga in preparation for the
final slope.

Bravo, Old Friend.  Here's to perpetuatl encores!

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If it weren't fun, wouldn't be no point in doing it....


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