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I got a sinking feeling today.  It started while I was thinking about
why you had the Sheridan-G'Kar-Franklin adventure in ItB, and then I
remembered seeing you mention 2 new TNT movies, and came to wonder
exactly _who_ thought that would be a good idea.  So, to lightly skip
over that accusation, does TNT come to you and say "make a movie for
us.", or do they mention something concrete for you to cover, or
characters to use, or what.
    The thought that you had 100% artistic control over what to make a
2-hr movie about for them seems absurd.  But one can still hope......


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Date: 19 Feb 1998 08:43:12 -0700
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They asked what I'd like to do in a couple of movies...I thought about it, and
sent on a couple of brief premises...they read 'em said they loved 'em, and to
go and do.  Creatively, they're leaving us completely on our own, something
we've earned with them.


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