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From: Luchian Deurell <luchian at>
Date: 3 Jan 1998 19:48:50 -0700
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Whilst reading happily through your wonderfully informative book, and
the section of freelancers Vs staff writers, I was wondering how many
episodes of babylon 5 were written by freelancers. Also if they were all
members of the WGA, and if the episodes made you want to have them write
another for your show ?

As a side note, are all of the crusade scripts going to be written by
yourself, or solely in house ?


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Date: 4 Jan 1998 09:19:27 -0700
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Our first two seasons were roughly 40-50% freelance, which is a substantially
higher average than most shows.  Years 3 and 4 were mine, mainly because of the
difficulty in farming out stories in that situation.

Crusade will almost certainly to back to the 40-50% freelance mode, which is
frankly my preference, and it's been that way on all the previous shows I've


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