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I've been jumping through the necessary hoops to get satellite
service hooked up so that I can get TNT.  A friend of mine is
graciously loaning me his first and second season tapes so that
I can get a grasp for the history I'm currently missing. (I have
seen seasons 3 & 4 only.)

So, this finds me staying up far too late nearly every evening
watching at least two taped episodes of B5.  One night I went
B5-crazy and watched the last 3 of season 1 and the first 2 of
season 2, keeping me up until 4 AM.  I was a pathetic sight at
work the next day.

Watching so many episodes at once really gives me a feeling for
the rhythm of each show.  One thing I have found is that the
next to the final act almost always gives at least one major
sense of closure to the storylines involved, if not giving closure
to all of the storylines that will be wrapped up in that episode.
It's almost as if many of the episodes could end on that next to
the last act if it was so desired, with the very last act wrapping
things up even more finally.

I am by no means a competent scriptwriter so I don't know if this
is just coincidence, merely a weird interpretation of the show by
me, or if this is the way that many 1 hour shows work.

Is it done this way deliberately?  Having recognized the pattern
I now find myself paying close attention in every single episode
and this utterly simple question is driving me nuts. :-)



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One thing I always try to do is to not end the story at the very last second,
but rather give time for the implications of what we saw or eperienced to sink
in (consequences and responsibility), and/or to set up what's coming next.  


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