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Uncle Al wrote in message <34C78787.5C34 at>...
>Michelangelo sculpted the Pieta, and its public display in 1500 set
>civilization afire.  Soon afterward the artist heard some folk
>discussing his work, crediting it to a "better" sculpter.  Enraged,
>Michelangelo returned to carve his name into the bodice of the statue.
>B5 Season Five opened, and when the distal end of B5 swung into view...
>I found the closing display disappointing and distasteful.

Hey, JMS build, developed and maintains the B5 universe. If he wants to play
with it and have a bit of fun, especially outside the story arc and actual
program, why not? It's his.

Eliyahu Rooff

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Folks...the opening credits are where we show the real names of the people
involved.  They're not part of the show per se.  We went into the central
docking bay to reveal the jms credit before; do we assume it's there?  It was
revealed in a Starfury flyby, was it there?  We always place it somewhere in
the shot.  


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