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        I hope that this makes it through to the group, and most
important, I hope
that someone whom Mr. Straczynski trusts will point this message out to
him. It's of some importance. I owe the cast and crew of Babylon 5 a
debt I
shall never be able to fully repay.

        My name is Edward Becerra, and I've enjoyed B5 for several
years. But
recently, I was no longer able to spend the time needed to watch it. You

see, in the last few months of 1996, my mother became ill. At first, it
thought to be a minor lung infection.

        In January of 1997, it was diagnosed as malignant cancer of the
It had already spread to her liver. She hadn't much time left. The
following August, she died.

        What does this have to do with Babylon 5?

        When Momma was diagnosed, she knew the odds, Less than 5% of all

pancreatic cancer patients survive, even when all measures are taken.
chose to accept her fate, and die at home with her family.

        One saturday afternoon, I was sitting with her, and a particular
of B5 came on TNT. I moved to change the channel, as Momma didn't care
Science Fiction. She stopped me, however, and said that she _knew_ I
the show, and had been missing it for her sake. Telling me to leave it
she settled down to 'endure' it while I enjoyed it.

        To her surprise, she found something in the show to be
entertaining. Momma
was a collector of teddy bears, you see.. and by some quirk of fate, the

episode then airing was number 215, 'There All Honor Lies'.  Also known
occasionally as the teddy bear episode.

        Let me explain something. By this point, the pain my mother felt
increased to the point where even daily doses of morphine didn't help.
had been placed on dermal patches of pure heroin, and the pain still
it's way through. She hadn't smiled in days.

        But when she saw the teddys in the show, and at the end, the
little fellow
floating out into the depths of space, she broke in  laughter. She
almost unceasingly.. joyously. For that entire day, all I had to do was
pick up one of her favorite bears and wave it through the air (as if it
were floating in space) to make her break up in helpless laughter.

        Can you imagine how precious a gift that was?

        I'd tried desperately to entertain her, to lift her spirits, to
make her
laugh. And no matter how hard I tried, I failed. But that show,  Mr.
Straczynski, gave her what I could not.

        She died only a few weeks after that.

        I want to thank you for that single, wonderful day of laughter
you gave
her, Mr. Straczynski. A day beyond price, a day beyond value. I want to
thank you, the cast and the crew. I want you to know the very special
you did for her, and for me.

        I had the good fortune to meet both Stephen Furst and Michael
O'Hare when
they attended the StarCon conventions held in Denver, and was able to
them this. But recently, I've suffered a stroke myself, and can't get
around  the way I used to. So my chances of ever seeing JMS in person
unlikely, at best.

        Thus this letter.

        That's about all I can say about this. It will be one full year
upcoming August since she died, and it still hurts. I apologize for
this to the newsgroup, but living where I do, and physically restricted
way I am, it was the only way I could think of to reach the people I
to thank.

        Again, I'm sorry. And thank you.

        Ed Becerra
        eabecerr at
     This may not be proper, but I thought it should be forwarded in a
manner which would increase the possibility that you would see it.

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Thank you for that; it was deeply moving, and I will make sure that this sees
the light of day on the wall of stage B, where some posts are put up for the
whole crew to see.

My very best to you.


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