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From: Jen Funk <jenfunk at>
Date: 9 Jun 1998 17:39:16 -0600
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A few times you have said things season 5 would have gone differently
has Claudia stayed... like Marcus' death other interesting developments
from it, and other things like the telepath problem, ect... (And I
believed your side of the issue the whole time, BTW)

So, what WOULD have you done if she had stayed? Would the holy ranger
still be in existance in some manner other than ethereal... what would
have been some things we would have seen had she decided not to leap the
bridge to obscurity?

Please? pretty please??

Jen Funk
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Date: 10 Jun 1998 00:43:00 -0600
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I'd rather not comment on might'ves...doesn't do much of value.


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