ATTN JMS: Did Sakai become Minbari too?

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Dear JMS,
    I've absolutely fallen in love with Babylon 5 this year, thanks to
TNT's daily rebroadcasts.  I'm looking forward to July 1, when season 5
    I was on the Lurker page reading about "Atonement".  It said that
Sinclair brought three triluminaries into the past with him.  He only
needed one for his transformation into Valen.  Could the others have
been designed for someone else?  For instance, could Catherine Sakai,
upon her reunion with Sinclair in the past, have undergone a similar
transformation?  Her new DNA, now matching Valen's, would have enabled
them to have children.
    In the book "To Dream in the City of Sorrows" Sinclair asks Kosh if
there is the possibility of reuniting with Sakai.  Kosh hesitates and
answers that this is possible.  Perhaps part of the plan was for Siclair
to be motivated by a possible reunion with Sakai - making him more
willing to be used by the Vorlons against the Shadows.  But Kosh
hesitated in his answer to Sinclair's question because he did not want
to mess up history by giving him a definate answer.  Sinclair seemed to
know he was being used but accepted this fact because he had his own
reasons for doing so, such as finding his lost love.
    Am I looking at this correctly?  Thanks for the many memorable

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No, she didn't.  Which was part of the scandal that later came.


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