Regurgitation in S5

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Eric DeFonso <szdefons at> wrote:

> Not sure if I need spoilers for this, so just in case.....

> OK. In Meditations, Vir made a comment about McBari's food not being as
> good coming up as it was going down. Along with the showing of the Drazi
> losing his lunch next to Garibaldi in Ragged Edge, and the Pak'ma'ra
> violently rejecting Dr. Franklin's little potion in Secrets of the Soul (I
> think?), I count three instances so far where regurgitation has become
> part of the show this season (albeit a small, humorous one). 

> I was just curious if anyone else noticed that, or if there were other
> instances either this year or in previous seasons that I haven't
> remembered. I just thought that was kind of odd, that's all. 

There is a reference to a certain corned beef sandwich not sitting well
with Sheridan in Intersections in Real Time.

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Someone on the crew wondered aloud if this was a subconscious metaphor for me
finally getting the last of the B5 story out of my system....


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