And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder ( *Spoilers* )

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Spoilers for And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder


It seems to me that in S5 we are beginning to see some of Sheridan's
more serious shortcomings.  Two major things really stick out.

First, he allowed a group of telepaths to form a colony, then had very
little to do with them until things escalated to the point where he had
no choice but to get involved.  He made the decision over Lockley's
objections, then left her to handle the mess.  I realize he was busy
with many other important things, but it seems that this was seriously
mismanaged on his part.

Second, and more serious, was his decision to keep Londo out of the loop
when Centauri became suspects for the raids, despite him, Delenn and
G'Kar all saying that they didn't think he was involved in any way.
G'Kar stated that if he were told, Londo would not stop until he either
got to the bottom of things or was killed.  In not trusting him enough
to allow him to make the choice or at least counsel him in his choice,
all three of them doomed him and the Centauri to their fate.  Again, it
just seems that it's possible the situation could have been avoided, at
least partially.

In retrospect, Sheridan is obviously a strong leader when the situation
is needed, but his administrative qualities leave something to be
desired.  Did you mean for it to seem this way, or am I seeing things
that aren't there?  Does anyone else see this?

One show to go for now, then the long wait for October.  YOU'RE KILLING

Thanks anyway,
Dwight McCauley

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No, what you're noting is just about right.

I wanted this job to be something Sheridan grows into.  He's going to make
mistakes; he's not trained for this kind of job, and errors are part of the
learning process.  In Deconstruction it's noted that he said himself that the
teep situation was the worst mistake of his entire career.  There were others.

The first year of any new government is rocky at best; mistakes get made,
sometimes huge ones.  What he will have to do is learn from them.  Even by the
last few episodes, he has his act more together; moreso as the years pass.  In
some ways, and this was something I was going for in "Asunder," he's been
pulling back, trying to figure out what to do and in some ways, cutting against
his best instincts to keep things together.  It's really after he blows at the
end of "Asunder" that he begins to do what he should've done all along: go with
his instincts, rather than second-guessing himself.


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