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Hi Joe :-)

Please this this as a compliment.

You are one sick twisted bastard.

I loved this episode (maybe because I too am sick and twisted).  An
earlier posting asked about "the other shoe falling".  I think we just
saw it.

As the episode clock wound down, I had a feeling where this was heading.
When the credits started to roll, I had to laugh.  Not because it was a
funny episode (although it did have its moments, early on), but because
I know what the reaction was going to be "here".

Personally, we have waited 5 years for this, I can wait until October
for the rest of it.  Meanwhile, I am looking forward to "Thirdspace"
(read and enjoyed the book).

How many other shoes have you got to drop on us?

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>How many other shoes have you got to drop on us?

A couple more shoes.

And a boot or two.


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