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No spoiler space, cuz I don't give anything away.

I've been a lurker here since 1995... never posted... but I just finished
reading a few of Joe's posts and then watching "Secrets of the Soul,"
(after watching G'Kar give up his council seat in a rerun earlier today)
and I am *moved* to the point where I have to finally speak up.  Two

	One, Joe, I'm really going to miss you in the future.  You've
mentioned that after B5 was over you wouldn't be online as much, and I
completely understand the need to cut back on the amount of time you
spend online. (Especially since my ulnar nerve syndrome is similar to
your own CTS problem!)  But I'm going to miss your insights, jokes,
comments, philosophical barbs, and just answering questions... I've
learned a lot from you (though you didn't know it -- weird huh?) over the
last few years. However...
	If you spend more of your time writing stories like "And the Rock
Cried Out No Hiding Place" and "Secrets of the Soul" ...  I will be
happy.  The more we can get out of you, the better <wink>!  Because I can
learn just as much (about writing, for sure, and even about life) from
viewing/reading (I feel like I've been reading, even though I'm watching
a TV show) your work.  If I can produce one piece in my lifetime that is
half as complex, emotional, intense, philosophical, and simply beautiful
as this B5 work of yours, my life will be well spent.  My goodness, man,
you truly kick ass!  (and that's a most sincere GenX compliment from the
gut)  :-)  Please know that all those years spent busting your butt to
become a better writer, no compromises and all that, have really come to
fruition.  You are creating some powerful stuff, there...  And I thank
you -- for the entertainment, for the inspiration, for everything...
	Now, back to my Squirrel Nut Zippers CD and a little wild
physical activity to tire me out enough to make sleep a possibility...


PS: Thanx for signing my copy of your screenwriting book at Westercon 50
in Seattle last year; it really meant a lot!  (And anyone who wants to
reprint this message anywhere, feel free!)

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			-- Cory Gray
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			-- Delenn, of the Gray Council

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Date: 9 Mar 1998 19:00:04 -0700
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Thanks..for all of that.  

And yeah, once this season is over, my presence on the nets will substantially
diminish...but it's been a great experience, for the most part, occasional
nutcases and bozos notwithstanding.  In the last year, I think more could've
been done in this ongoing conversation about educating people on the nature of
making TV, which was one of the reasons for doing this...but in many ways I'm
limited by the quality of the questions asked, and lately it's been more
posting of reactions (good and bad, that isn't meant to be a critical comment)
than questions related to who/how/why/what.

Right now, we're shooting 521...three more weeks total, and the Babylon 5
series is over.  Seems vaguely hard to believe.


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