New line of B5 T-shirts released

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>Bruce Ritter was rumored to have written...
>> There is a new - unique- line of B5 T-shirts out. They are printed on
>> both sides, and one even has Glow In The Dark printing and printing on a
>> sleeve (long sleeve). For more information, see:
>Okay, all together now--are these licensed?

I'd be surprised if they weren't.  UncomynGifts/"the virtual toy
store" has been around forever, they're linked on the Lurker's Guide's
"products" page, and the vendor has copyright and trademark
notices/legaleze all over their site.  Guess someone unscrupulous
could fake that last part, but it doesn't seem very likely in this


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The glow in the dark sweatshirts are licensed, yes.


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