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Spoilers for Phoenix Rising

[Moderator's Note:  The UK has not seen any of Season 5 or the promo
clips.  Spoiler space is necessary for any episode that has not been
broadcast in both the US and UK.                        CLM]


Quick (maybe silly question) between myself and another person:

(No spoiler space because this is in the promo clip aired on Wednesday)

In the promo clip for Phoenix Rising we see Mr. Garibaldi held by
?? and Sheridan saying etc...

I say the scene was used in Deconstruction of Falling Stars.  You've
reused shots before (why not, they were foreshadowings.  Besides,
they're already shot and it can reduce the 'that wasn't the way it
happened last time' stuff... replaced with questions like this...vbg)

He says you reshot it with the rest of the episode.

By the way, I have found your episode titles to be quite lyrical
and enjoyable all on their own. "Deconstruction of Falling Stars",
"Falling Towards Apotheosis" (sic), etc.  Darn, you're good!

Thank you so very much for sharing your story with us!


PS: If you ever release a detailed set of books and/or CD-ROMs of
    the B5 story arc and backstory, I'm ready to buy it (that would
    be a lot easier to bring along than a VCR, a TV, and over
    100 tapes!)

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You're both right.


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