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From: "James Jackson" <jameskjack at>
Date: 11 May 1998 09:52:45 -0600
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A technical question:

I've noticed in several episodes that some scenes were shot on video tape,
for various reasons.  Scenes through G'Kar's artificial eye, scenes from the
cameras, and some of INN's footage.

What sort of things have to be done differently to set up a videotaped
scene?  Things such as lighting, camera angles, etc.  How do the production
costs compare?

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Date: 12 May 1998 11:57:02 -0600
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Videotape is always cheaper than film, but looks flatter, so you only use it
when you want to create a sense of a different kind of image or processing
system, or to give some things a sense of immediacy.  The physical production
requirements are about the same for film or video.


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