*S5 Spoilers* What is the proper order of "DotD"?

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Spoilers for season 5 below:

Okay.  I'm really confused about this, and I'm wondering if anyone has
an answer.  "Day of the Dead" was aired out of order, so we saw it
between "Secrets of the Soul" and "In the Kingdom of the Blind."  The
reason this doesn't make sense is that in "SoS" we see Londo and G'Kar
leaving for Centauri Prime, and in "ItKotB" we see them arriving there.
Since "Day of the Dead" has them on Babylon 5, it obviously doesn't
belong between those two episodes.

However, the Lurker's Guide lists it by production number as coming
between "A Tragedy of Telepaths" (which has Londo and G'Kar leaving
Centauri Prime at the end) and "Phoenix Rising" (which does not have any
scenes of Londo or G'Kar.)  That order made sense until I saw "The
Ragged Edge," which shows a bewildered G'Kar returning only to find
people lining up to see him.

Do you see the problem?  "Day of the Dead" can't come before "The Ragged
Edge," because "Edge" is clearly meant to show Londo and G'Kar's return
to Babylon 5.  Worse still, I don't think it can come _after_ "The
Ragged Edge" either, since Captain Lochley tells us at the end of "DotD"
that Garibaldi blames the strange occurences on the telepaths.  But...
didn't the telepaths leave after "Phoenix Rising"?

So (if you can decipher the above amidst all the abbreviations), is "Day
of the Dead" an episode unstuck in time, or did I miss something?

I hope no one minds the nitpicking; I love the show and I think that
"Day of the Dead" was a neat episode, I just don't see when it could
have happened.

Nathan K.

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It was originally intended to be set after "Phoenix Rising."


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