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Congratulations on all the great recent news. 

I have a quick question about the convention called 'Voice of the Resistance'.
I noticed that LOTS of the stars are going, but that you aren't. Is this
because of schedule, or do you have some concern over the type of show or the
producers of the convention? I worry this might be Wolf359 in disguse... can
you comment???

David Smith
Austin, Texas
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Date: 15 May 1998 00:09:25 -0600
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The primary folks running the Voice of the Resistance con are the same ones
behind the Wolf conventions, which I'm actively boycotting until a) I hear from
the fans that the way fans are treated there has improved, and b) until I get
the promised accouting from the two conventions I attended, both of which were
supposed to turn over the profits to local charities, both of whom were
supposed to provide accountings when requested, neither of which has yet been
done.  I want to be sure that the funds raised went where they were intended,
in the full amounts.


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