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I really don't know why I bother except that I care for the show so

I still cannot understand how someone, anyone, can take a part of a
whole and decide that the whole is bad because that part is.  If you
find part of an apple with a worm in it, do you get rid of the whole
apple?  (I try not to, myself...but perhaps that is just me.)

No, not every episode of season 5 has been slam bang whizzo!

But that's no reason to conclude that the rest of the season will be
bad.  It's also no reason to keep harping on the fact that *you* (and
I'm using this in the general, not the specific) don't like the season. 
You don't.  Okay.  

I do.

There are things coming up, I'm sure, that will knock people's socks
off.  Too, this is a whole different type of show.  Personally, I'm
applauding JMS for taking risks.  Not all of them succeed but that's the
nature of risks, isn't it?


To pick a nit, the only "you" that said the season was 'shite' because of the
bad eps is Cronan.  Others, myself included, have expressed concern/criticism
about the content of some of the eps in S5 based on literary, technical, and
artistic observations.  I don't think anyone besides Cronan has stated that
they didn't like the season, merely that they were mildly disappointed that it
did not seem to contain the same amount of attention to artistic detail that
most of the rest of the series has.  NOONE has said anything about them not
containing arc and therefore being bad.  If you examine the criticism/critiques
in the light they were offered, perhaps you will see that it is because we DO
care that we make them.  I personally LOVE B5 be it S1 or S5. I just know it
might have been just a wee bit better, but the nature of producing  a series is
enough of a challenge for even the best. Producing and writing is an
increadibly herculean effort.  I have nothing but admiration for anyone who
tries, and nearly religious awe for anyone who suceeds like JMS has. This fact
does not blind me to minor flaws, however much I may admire JMS and his series.

Alisane the InSane

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