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I found this one at the Lurker's Guide. The part about season five

intrigued me. Is it still true?

Are we being whammed and not even knowing it?

There are two more major WHAM episodes: "Babylon Squared," dealing with the fate
     of Babylon 4, and "Chrysalis," our season ender, which is really more of an atomic
     bomb rather than a crowbar. So roughly about one-fourth of this season's episodes
     are WHAM episodes. That figure will increase in year two to about one-third. Year
     three (Neilsen willing) will be half-WHAM and hal-not. Year four would be
     three-quarters WHAM. And year five is all WHAM.

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>Are we being whammed and not even knowing it?

That's kind of what I've been saying for a bit...the whole Byron thing, for
instance, ain't just a throwaway, ain't just there for what we saw.  It's a
trigger for a series of things.

But you'll see that soon enough.


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