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Joe: I think I first heard it from my grandmother, but in this world it
seems to be true, that ugly comments and slights have five times the power
that compliments and praises do.

I work at a newspaper, so I know it's true that people respond with
negative comments much more frequently. One of the reporters here told me
of a file he keeps of positive feedback letters. Every once in a while he
takes it out and looks at one or two. 

And as for all the "I hate to bother you in private mail, but I'm tired of
being attacked every time I say in public that I like B5," messages, I was
thinking of that route too, but NO, I think the answer is to say it loudly
here and I would very much like to send a long letter to a snail mail
address for you. (I know it was posted here not long ago, but...) 

After five years, I think I owe you at least that in return.

Don't even open it, just start a file and save it until you need to remind
yourself of all the voices you don't often hear from.

I didn't just like B5; I loved it! 
And did it save my life? Well it added greatly to the quality of my life.
And maybe even illuminated the path a bit...

A short version: 
When you were finally getting the B5 pilot on the air, I had just gotten
married. This year that marriage ended. Badly, though not at badly as some,
I suppose. 

I realize now that I was someone who knew 'who I was' and I thought we were
about finding out 'what we wanted' together; but I ended up married to
someone who thought what he 'wanted' was the end all and be all of life.
Someone who never asked himself 'who he was' and I made the terrible
mistake of forgetting 'who I was' in the process of trying to figure out
what he wanted.

I realize this sounds more that  slightly goofy, but I don't think it is a
coincidence that the last episode I saw of B5 during that marriage was
"Intersections." With all the schedule juggling  I had missed a couple eps
before that so I was wondering what happened that they were able to get
Sheridan then I caught the end of one more ep: a tiny piece of a certain
scene between Bester and Garibaldi on a tram on Mars! Wham.

And I didn't realize this until just this week, but that's a perfect
metaphor for what was going on in my life at the time. I was being
subjected to major mental confusion and I couldn't figure out how I got in
that position until I was able to admit that it was because someone I
trusted had betrayed me.

So now I am putting my life back together. Starting over with the right
questions in the right order. Getting back to 'who I am'. And there it is,
in living color: B5 lives and thrives. And it's a part of my life^Wthe life
I am claiming for myself.

Just for the record: I think I am in touch with the real world, I just
happen to believe it is a better world because it includes the world where
Delenn,  G'kar, Londo, Garibaldi and even Bester live and "sooner or later
everyone comes to Babyon 5."

aka "maryfrancisframed"
"Just because someone can buy a computer and plug it into the wall doesn't
mean that they themselves are wired up right." - JMS
BTW ABSOLUTE GEM, I will quote you on that one, early and often!

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Thank you; it's funny how synchronicity puts the right lessons in front of us
at the right time, if we're willing to notice them.  And those questions are
the ones we all have to wrestle with, and answer, sooner or later.  Good luck
on your new journey.


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