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Mon Oct 26 15:36:14 EST 1998

This is a message from the maintainer of B5JMS.

After several of you complained, I finally caught the source of the
mysterious silence on the B5JMS list.  The list of all subscribers to B5JMS
apparently got deleted on our majordomo list server on October 1.  I don't
know how that happened.  Since this thing had happened one other time before
(2+ years ago), I already put in place a daily backup of the subscribership.
I restored the list to its former state and then manually added/removed
those people who subscribed/unsubscribed since the 1st of the month.

The problem did not affect those who subscribed to B5JMS-DIGEST, only those
who subscribed to B5JMS.

I will now resend all of the b5jms mail from 10/1/98 until today.  There
were a total of 9-10 such messages.  A few of you may have already received
some of those articles.  Please ignore any duplicates.

It took me almost a month to track the problem because I was thrown off by
JMS' general pullback from Usenet.  I mistakenly attributed the lack of
B5JMS auto-mail to Joe being quiet.  While Joe had been quiet, he hadn't
pulled back for a month...

As always, you may use the B5JMS home page to check your subscription status
and to retrieve any old/lost archives of B5JMS.

And, while I'm at it, a quick reminder to U.S. viewers: *this* Wednesday the
first of B5's last five episodes air on TNT, starting at 10pm EST.  Also,
don't forget to catch "River of Souls" on Sunday, November 8th at 8pm EST.

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