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Laura M. Appelbaum wrote in message <3635F113.65F at>...
>Jms at B5 wrote:
>> This is a devastating episode, by the much happens in this that
>> kinda staggering, actually.
>> Of the final 5, this one, and the last two, are my favorites.  And I like
>> all.
>>  jms
>THERE's the ol' jms we know and love -- couldn't resist turning the heat
>and tension up for us again, eh?  Good to know recent illnesses and
>events haven't knocked ALL the the naughty little gremlins out of your
>system!  ;D
Agreed!  That's what I live for - to be taunted, teased, and strung along by
jms.  It was fun to see him pop in and drop some little words on us just as
we are counting down the hours, minutes, seconds....

And he seems to be recovering nicely.  Sounds like he's got a lot of
projects on his plate, and that's usually a very good sign!  As long as he
knows just exactly how big his plate is, and doesn't try to serve up more
than he can eat...

"Never criticize a man until you walk a mile in his shoes.  First of all
you'll be a mile away from him. Second of all, you'll have his shoes".
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BTW, there's a couple of nifty reviews of the final 5 episodes by Glen and by
Robogeek on ain't-it-cool-news...very touching stuff.


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