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I hope this question isn't redundant, I apologise if it is.

Will there be future Babylon 5 TV movies? each one so far has been a ratings
smash, according to the Lurker's Guide. I know you are moving on to other
non-Babylon projects, but there is so much left to tell. Your comment about
having worked out the storylines for 1000 years in either direction is a
tantalizing one.

Not to imply that I just want factoids - its the story itself which has
always fired my imagination. The writers, the music, the actors...  have all
refined their roles over the past 5 years. Even though you have provided the
plot framework, the sum total of any Babylon 5 story is always more than the
mere sum of its parts. It's that sum which makes me pine for more, not just
mere gratification of knowing the "happily ever after" part.

Aziz H. Poonawalla

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There are not more B5 TV movies on the boards, though next week we're shooting
the live-action elements of the Sierra computer game (with Lochley, Sheridan,
Delenn, Garibaldi and others).

Aside from the coming novels, I've just turned in the first of three B5 stories
that will be appearing in Amazing Stories Magazine.  The first one, "The Shadow
of his Thoughts," is a Londo story taking place in the days shortly after his
coronation as Emperor.


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